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Personal Coaching

Taking you on a journey of transformation

Transforming your ideas about what’s possible

Personal Coaching

Taking you on a journey of transformation

Transforming your ideas about what’s possible

Success is not a destination to be pursued, it is attracted and created by the person you become

The NLP & Transformative approach to coaching that Steve Crabb calls the “Zero Limits Mindset” is pro-active & effective it’s a no nonsense approach designed to achieve results.

This style of coaching deepens your experience of life, self-awareness and self-management giving you greater clarity of purpose, access to inspiration, creativity and inner wisdom. Combined with learning strategies of success, it’s almost impossible for change not to happen. Personal coaching allows you to be free to be the person you always were meant to be.

All coaching begins with a meaningful conversation about what it is you want to change. Contact me today and Lets Talk.

  • Is there something that is holding you back?
  • Do you know you can BE, DO, HAVE & GIVE more in life?
  • Are you willing to go beyond your current comfort zone?


Personal Coaching Benefits:

  • Changing how you perceive yourself & how others perceive you
  • Transforming what you believe and exploring what is important to you
  • Discovering a life purpose and making plans to make it real
  • Eliminating negative perceptions & habits
  • Getting over past events, fears and phobias
  • Creating new habits and positive self-talk
  • Learning new skills and capabilities

“Somebody should tell us right at the start of our lives that we are dying.

Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day.

Do it I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.”

Michael Landon

“I’ve been wanting to meet and work with Steve for a long time after hearing about how effective his coaching techniques are for many years from a close friend. A 3-hour session with Steve, that mixed techniques of coaching, NLP and hypnosis, was nothing short of transformative. 

I was amazed at the effect. My behavior began to change in the desired ways in the days that followed. And not only did the impact not wear-off, but it keeps increasing, and I feel that acting in ways that are bold and authentic is becoming the new standard. “

Maya Elhalal-Levavi

President EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) Israel, Founder and Curator ESH.Media

Whatever your reasons for looking for coaching and hence you ending up reading this, one thing you can be sure of by choosing to coach with me (Steve Crabb) is that although you will be unique, the reasons you are looking for coaching aren’t.

There are patterns that all humans have that over 15 years of coaching enables me to see right to the heart of any coaching issue very quickly. Using a combination of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Transformative Coaching and Hypnosis we can not only model happiness, joy, health, love and success we also model how to overcome problems and challenges to make seemingly miraculous life changes quickly and often a lot easier than people would imagine.

If you are truly curious enough about wanting to live a life of Personal Excellence then it’s time to fill in the contact form give me some information about you and we will set up a time to speak. Contact Steve

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now”


Dedicated to helping you achieve excellence

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Your coaching sessions are always individually tailored to meet your specific needs. Sessions can be booked as a one off i(f dealing with one particular issue) or part of a longer ongoing programme carried out over a period of time.

Coaching programmes are initially on a “1 to 1” – face to face basis – after which follow up sessions can be held over Skype.

Face to face sessions are held in London (Mayfair) they can be held out of London (including overseas by arrangement, subject to travel time and travel costs).

For session and programme rates please contact us and we are happy to discuss what programme would suit you best and the rates once we have an idea of the issues you wish to address.

Personal Coaching – Breakthrough Session

  • 1 x 2-hour “face to face” session. Perfect for overcoming a habit, changing a behaviour, eliminating a fear or limitation or for exploring new ideas. Also ideal for a client wanting to experience coaching before engaging in a longer term programme.

Personal Coaching – Breakthrough Programme

  • 2 x 2-hour “face to face” sessions. The additional follow up session time enables us to check the work done and make adjustments.

All coaching begins with a meaningful conversation. Lets Talk

Personal Coaching – Zero-Limits Programme.

When you coach over a longer period you get to see the changes made over time we have the chance to review the direction you are going and make adjustments along the way. The 1 month Zero-Limits programme can be rolled over for additional months for longer term projects.

1 Month – Zero-Limits Programme

This programme includes four coaching sessions held over the month.

  • 2 hour face to face
  • 1 hour Skype
  • 2 hour face to face*
  • 1 hour Skype

*For clients who are unable to visit London the second face to face session can be held over Skype

All coaching begins with a meaningful conversation. Lets Talk

Personal Coaching Protégé Programme

For some people immersion into a yearlong programme enables them to not only experience coaching but to see the benefits of it over time.

This year long programme consists of 10 x 3 hourly monthly coaching sessions (Excludes August & December). It’s an intensive and transformational programme where you will not only be coached but learn some of the skills and techniques of coaching with the focus being on achieving personal excellence.

During the term of the Personal Coaching Protege Programme you will have direct access to Steve via mobile and e-mail for any subjects that may crop up over the year.

In addition you will be a guest to any of the public training and workshop events held during your protege year.

If the Protege programme is something you want to do and you are serious about investing in yourself and taking your personal skills to a new level then be prepared for a transformative year. Previous protégés have come from USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Spain, Belgium, and across the UK.

All coaching begins with a meaningful conversation. Lets Talk

Contact us to discuss which programme is best for you

All great relationships start with a meaningful conversation – Let’s talk.

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