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SCC offer training & development programmes which are focused on four distinct improvement areas. On this page you’ll find a short summary of each and links to the full course details. 

If you are unsure which would offer you the most benefit, then please do get in touch and lets talk about your situation and what it is you want to get out of the coaching. You can get in touch either using our free contact form or by calling the SCC offices on 0333 939 8693

Professional Coaching Courses

Personal Coaching

These programmes are best suited to individuals who are looking to make personal changes including overcoming fears, doubts and worries, eliminating negative habits and behaviours, increasing confidence, motivation and self esteem or for improving clarity and life direction.

You’ll be coached to get moving in the right direction if you are stuck, or to excel if you are already flourishing and thriving and simply want better results. View more details…

Business Coaching

Ideal for individuals, teams and organisations.

Your programme will focus on what you want to achieve, your desired outcomes and how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and create.

View more details…

Business Skills Training

Stress Management

An experiential course suitable for both employers and employees based upon Steve Crabb’s revolutionary approach to workplace and personal stress management which is known as “The WellBeing Formula @ Work”.

This course focuses upon the human element of stress on the mindset of the individuals. Most other courses simply highlight the causes of stress and look at processes and fail to deal with how human behaviour and coping mechanisms affect how we experience stress.

You will learn how to cope with stress and be resilient despite circumstances. View more details…

Growing Your Business

An essential training course for start-ups as well as experienced business people. The training is based upon the NLP approach of “modelling people with exceptional abilities”.

You will learn how to master key skills with proven benefits, with modules covering Emotional, Mood & State Management | Effective Persuasion and Influence Skills | Powerfully Persuasive Presentations | Success Strategies & Maximising Potentials.

View more details…

Unsure which course to choose?

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