Importance of Motivation and Persistence

In a previous blog I talked about the value of having a business plan in place that explores not only what you want to create but why. A business plan that explores and incorporates the what and the why gives an entrepreneur a sense of direction, the plan is the guide that keeps you moving in a purposeful direction.

If you think of the growth of a business as a journey, we set out with a direction in mind. The journey is very rarely in a direct straight line; it often meanders, has ups and downs and may even lead to dead ends. When we have enough of a why we will never be deviated or stopped on our journey.

Motivation can be regarded as being the propulsions mechanism (and the fuel) that gets us started and keeps us going. It comes in two forms.

Motivation moves us away from an outcome, and motivation that moves us towards outcomes, goals or results.

An Experiment:

Take some quiet time to consider your plans for your business, this is best done while standing and walking. If you have index cards or post it notes to hand, use these and write whatever comes to mind. Throw the cards to the floor without vetting, questioning or considering what you are writing simply let the information flow.

Moving Away from Motivation

Start by considering what would be the outcomes if you failed to take action on your business plan and why that is important to you. Walk and write and let the information out.

For example:

  • My business would remain as it is, which means it would be vulnerable come the next recession.
  • The business would be good and not great which means I would not feel I had achieved my full potential.
  • The business would be always working one month to the next, which means I would never achieve financial security.

Do this exercise until you exhaust all the Moving Away from Motivation that you can come up with. Then take a minute break to change your state and repeat the exercise but this time consider what could be the outcomes of you taking action on your business plan and why that is important to you. Walk and use the cards to create a separate pile.

Moving Towards Motivation

For example:

  • My business would become financially secure enabling me to pay off the mortgage early and have financial freedom.
  • The business would be something I would feel proud of which is important to me because I would feel I had made a difference.
  • The business would be secure and I would feel I had provided for my employees.

Again do this exercise until you exhaust all the Moving Towards Motivation that you can come up with.

Take a short break, then return to the cards and examine the moving away from pile. Some will overlap and be a variation on a theme, write out a bullet point list of all the moving away from motivation. This list will remind you of the pain of not taking action and staying as you are.

Repeat the above with the moving towards motivation this bullet point list will remind you of the rewards an outcomes for taking action.

We are all motivated by both moving away and moving towards; the thing to focus on is not the painful moving away from list, this is useful when it comes to getting going. What will keep you going forwards and will assist you to be persistent whenever there are obstacles or dead ends is the moving towards list.

Keep this list pinned up somewhere or to hand to remind you along your journey.

Keep taking the next right step and you will get the results you desire; Motivation and Persistence are important, but always remember to enjoy the process no matter where you are.

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