Why is attitude so important?

For 8 years I ran a practice group in central London open to coaches and the public. Each month we got the chance to explore and practice coaching, NLP and hypnosis. I set the practice group up to support the 1000’s of people who attended the London NLP trainings with Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and Paul McKenna. At the end of every training, I was always asked by the students “What do I do next?”

“What is the silver bullet that you think makes the biggest difference?”

My answer was always the same. Practice, practice and practice. There is a direct relationship between the amount of practice put into the craft and the skill sets of a coach and for that matter entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, sportspeople, parents, teachers etc. etc.

On this particular evening it was an open frame night where the group asked questions and we set exercises. One of the group members asked me “What is the silver bullet that you think makes the biggest difference?”

My reply was simple. “Firstly there is no silver bullet one thing that deals with everything. If I was pushed to answer, I would say there are two things to always keep in mind no matter what the circumstances when it comes to getting better and improving. Firstly practice and never stop practicing; and secondly, always be aware of your attitude especially with regards to learning and your beliefs”

In this context ‘Attitude’ is the way you approach a subject.

When I coach a client or business I always spend some time working with them to get them in the right frame of mind and to have the right attitudes towards:

  • Learning
    • Always remain open to new ideas.
    • Experiment and learn by experience not by what you think might happen.
    • Be aware of your own blind spots when it comes to learning ie: arrogance (I’ve done this before, do you know who I am? I’m too experienced for this!)
  • Beliefs
    • What do you believe that is stopping you from changing or getting better?
    • What would you need to believe to improve?

Having been a business coach for nearly 17 years, I have met many people with great skills and aptitude who have a closed mind when it comes to attitude. They are usually the ones who are stuck and yet have all the answers at least in theory. In practice, it’s their attitude and not their abilities that are holding them back.

When it comes to attitude I have also met and coached many very successful people and they are always the ones with great attitudes (plural, not singular).

If you want to get better at business or anything in life cultivate the attitudes of:

  1. Always be willing to learn
  2. Always be willing to question your own limiting beliefs
  3. Be focussed
  4. Be organised
  5. Be disciplined
  6. Be persistent.
  7. Be flexible – know when to change direction.

Success leaves behind a trail of clues that show the character and skill traits that are needed to make a success of any venture (or life). Cultivate the above and you will have a great set of attitudes that will take you a long way.

And if you add to the above list.

  • Make whatever you do fun
  • Remember to be kind

Not only will you enjoy your business (and life) more, you will get better results; you will gather around you a team of people who also have the right attitudes.

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