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Kickstarting Your Business

A coaching programme designed to take your business to the next level.

How would YOUR Business look if you knew you couldn’t fail?

This is a great question that gets your mind thinking beyond what’s currently possible – yet many entrepreneurs or business owners spend little or no time planning to exceed their own limited expectations.

In times of uncertainty and change it’s never been more important then ever to plan on success and be prepared by putting a well thought through plan into action to guarantee you FLOURISH AND THRIVE.

There are 3 key reasons why MINDSET is so important.when it so=comes to planning.

  1. CLARITY – Having a clear course of direction and purpose is mission critical, we all get distracted and busy and hit obstacles along the course of any plan (I’ve been there myself!) clarity keeps you going even if the going gets tough.
  2. MOTIVATION – Having enough reasons for taking the next step.
  3. BELIEF – Ensuring you have removed any beliefs which may be holding you back and have all the beliefs in yourself to take action and keep going

These are all related to MINDSET. Having a well thought through plan that INSPIRES you and keeps you on track so you avoid the BUSY-NESS affliction that so many suffer from in business is essential to success, it also means you will better able to deal with change and uncertainty.

Your Kickstarting Your Business programme will give you CLARITY, MOTIVATION and BELIEF and at the end you will have a plan like no other plan – it won’t be on excel, it will be emprinted in your mind and it will show up in your thinking and in your actions and in the results you create!


“What Got You To Where You Are Now Won’t Get You To Where You Want To Be”


“If You Want Different Results You Have To Do Things Differently!”

Who Is The Kickstarting Your Business Programme Ideal For?

This one month intensive 1 to 1 coaching programme has been designed for anyone in business who knows they can:


BE – DO – HAVE and GIVE more!




Business Owners


Senior Executives


Start Ups

How The Kickstarting Your Business Programme Works!

NLP business training and why it means better businessYour programme consists of 4 x 60 minute SKYPE coaching sessions the programme must be completed within a maximum 2 month period) it includes…..


You will receive a PDF copy of “The Worlds Simplest Business Plan” – based upon Paul McKenna’s best selling “I CAN MAKE YOU RICH” this will form the basis of the sessions and I will personally coach you through the plan!

You will also receive a FREE copy of my book “Business Coaching & Mentoring for Dummies” written for business coaches and business owners, so you have a comprehensive coaching reference stacked full of strategies and tactics that you can use after your programme. 5 * AMAZON REVIEWS.

AND you will also receive 4 Hypnotic audio downloads for FREE (value £100.)

  • “How2Easily – JUST DO IT” – To keep you in a motivated mindset.
  • “How2Easily – RELAX DEEPLY”  – To keep you in a relaxed state of mind.
  • “How2Easily – MANIFEST ABUNDANCE” – To keep you in an attitude of abundance.
  • “How2Easily – BE GRATEFUL” – To ensure you are grateful and enjoy the journey of life NOW!.

I am looking for a number of local business clients (south west London region) who want to take their business to the next level that will be used as case studies (you can remain anonymous) for my next book “MINDSET OF THE PROSPEROUS ENTREPRENEUR” 

The normal rate for this programme is £1500. This ONE TIME OFFER is discounted by £500 and is AVAILABLE FOR ONLY £795.

Spaces are limited to 5 local business clients per month and are subject to availability. This offer will only last for a few months while I gather additional case studies and success stories for the new book.

OR – If you simply want a copy of “The worlds Simplest Business Plan” email using the CONTACT FORM and request FREE BIZ PLAN PLEASE in the message section and I will send it to.

If you are really serious about your SUCCESS and want to take your personal and professional life to the next level then use the CONTACT FORM and my colleague Roberto will contact you to discuss availability and suitability.



NLP Business Practitioner Training with Steve Crabb Coaching

Course Benefits

  • A complete transformation in their ability to think beyond previous limitations.
  • Increased sales and improved customer service due to a greater understanding of persuasion and influence.
  • Improved emotional and mood management
  • Less down time, greater creativity and a general sense of well-being
  • An enhanced ability to present engage, inform and educate people
  • Greater communication skills
  • Improved understanding of how people make decisions
  • Improved understanding of how individuals operate within teams.
  • More clarity of purpose and visions plus the ability to create plans that get results

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Growing Your Business 

Module 1: Thur 10th, Fri 11th, Sat 12th & Sun 13th May

Module 2: Fri 8th, Sat 9th & Sun 10th June


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“Steve Crabb has successfully helped clients I have referred to him and I would happily continue to send him anyone who wishes professional business coaching as well as personal therapy.”

Dr Natheera Indrasenan

Accuity Doctor Training

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