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The other day I had an unexpected and pleasant surprise when I walked into my local coffee shop The Rosa Cafe for a moments peace and quiet and some space to have a coffee and do my morning crossword. The owner Ahmed was reading a copy of my book “Business Coaching & Mentoring for Dummies”.

Of course he was reading it on purpose so that when I saw him I would be surprised. Ha ha ha! What was great is that although he had bought it at first as a joke he was working his way through the Chapter on ‘Managing the Inner World of Thoughts and Emotions’ with genuine interested and surprise.

The Rosa Cafe is a small family run shop, serving simple wholesome food, it has a regular local customer base, it’s always full at weekends and there is a genuine good feel to the place when you walk in.

Ahmed and his family had observed me over the past year while writing the book, coming in some days with a furrowed brow others with a smile depending upon how the writing had been going. It’s as if they have been on the journey with me.

I’m quite sure that if I hadn’t shared with him that I was writing a book he wouldn’t have gone out and bought one on business coaching; after all they know how to run a business that flourishes and thrives through the good and the bad times. They offer a high quality of product and service, are in a good location and offer outstanding customer service. They have no plans or ambitions to expand, they are already doing what they love and loving what they do and yet when he was reading there was genuine interest to know and learn more.

He kept saying “I didn’t know that!” and asking me questions about the techniques I had shared. Over my 15 years as a coach and (I cringe when I say this…doesn’t time fly) over 35 years as an entrepreneur it’s the ability to keep an open mind and to keep learning which I believe is a character trait of all successful business owners. We all have blind spots, we all don’t know what we don’t know and the people who when they see a blind spot or learn something new that acknowledge it and are willing to learn, they will continue to grow and evolve and thrive no matter the circumstances.

‘Cafe Rosa’ will probably not become a global brand, they have little need or interest in new technology for social media and wouldn’t know what in-bound marketing was if it knocked on their door and none of that matters. I doubt the business will evolve much beyond it’s current form but hopefully Ahmed and his family will know just a few new things that will help them to be happier and continue to do what they already do so well – brighten up a persons day.

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