Book Launch Update

Its finally happened the book “Business Coaching & Mentoring for Dummies” is now officially available on Amazon in the UK and the USA.

It’s taken over a year from the moment I was first asked by my co-author Marie Taylor if I would like to co-write this book with her.  Had I known what it entailed I may have said no, and I’m sure that had Marie known what the year ahead had in store she also would have said no to Wiley Press. Thankfully we didn’t know what we were letting ourselves in for and we both said yes!

Both Marie and I have coached and trained for a combined 3 decades, we know our material and were both keen to have the opportunity to share our experiences and knowledge with others outside of a coaching session or a training room. I have used many of the Dummies books myself, if there is a subject I want a reference for and a quick and easy guide to learn from, the Dummies range is perfect for that.

You can pick up a book at any page and read it and it makes sense, it’s never a linear read like so many books, and that was the problem. Coaching is as much an art form as a science and sometimes in order to understand one part you need to explore and study another for it all to make sense. The Dummies format doesn’t allow for this type of layered learning, its formula works and is one the publishers follow to the paragraph…literally. We had to learn quickly to write to a format that when you read it, it flows easy but to write it so subjects make sense without cross-referencing is challenging.

The other week I handed a copy of the book to a coaching client who is a 4 times New York Times Best-seller, he looked grateful and aghast at the same time when I handed him his signed copy.  “You didn’t write for them did you? They are notorious for being difficult to write for it’s a very rigid formula”. He was impressed we had finished what we had started so many don’t. And that goes for readers of books in all genres as well.

The rigid Dummies formula makes it a perfect reference book with each subject being able to “stand alone” as it were with out having or needing to read other parts or chapters of the book. Which is good news because the shocking statistic is that 40% of books that are bought never get read anyway. For e-books this statistic is estimated to be 60%. Most people who buy books don’t read them, which is a tragic waste when so much knowledge and experience is trapped on a page.

The sweat and tears that went into writing this book (thankfully no blood) was well worth it, the end result has received great testimonials from readers and peers alike. I hope you find it to be a useful reference that you can dip into as and when you need. Open a page and learn something new, try the techniques out they work.

And if you do like a linear read from front cover to back we were covert enough to work that in as well, (while the Publisher wasn’t noticing of course!!) The time spent writing this book was an invaluable boot camp for writing I personally learnt lots. I hope you do too.

Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies NOW available on and

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