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Business as normal is NOT my motto.

If you want different results you have to do things differently.

Choose from a range of Business Growth Coaching and Stress Management training programmes that are uniquely different. They identify and build upon strengths and correct behavioural and skill gaps by focussing on the mindset of the individuals. World class Business Coaching enables key personnel, teams and executives to perform at their very best.

Steve Crabb is a Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaches and trains Internationally and is author of Business Coaching and Mentoring for Dummies” Wiley Press. For 18 years he has worked with some of the worlds top experts in human behaviour including Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) best selling author and personal development guru Paul McKenna and best selling author and coach Michael Neill. Steve’s coaching is provocative, effective, humorous and results orientated. It combines high level coaching with decades of business experience.

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If you get the opportunity to train or coach with Steve Crabb grab it with both hands”

Testimonial by Paul McKenna

Paul McKenna

Business Coaching dedicated to assisting you to exceed your expectations

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Steve Crabb | Owner & Director of SCC

Smart people realise that Business coaching is no longer just for top sports people or for people who need fixing. Coaching is the difference that makes the difference in terms of results for individuals, teams and companies, even Bill Gates has a coach so why wouldn’t you!

Great business coaching and training will challenge and provoke you to be better then you think you can be. So if you only want to tweak things a little then these programmes are not for you, if you are willing to explore and experiment and discover what’s possible, then it all starts with us having a meaningful conversation let’s discuss what you want to achieve.

Steve Crabb

Master Trainer of NLP – Master Transformative Coach – Author of Business Coaching & Mentoring for Dummies

What would you change if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Changing Behaviours | Changing Beliefs | Managing Emotions | Planning Goals & Ambitions

Choosing the best Business Coaching programme for you.

Every business and individual is uniquely different, the business coaching & training programmes recommended here are for guidance. All great business relationships start with a conversation so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Personal Coaching: Although the focus of this site is on business coaching, these programmes are best suited to individuals who are looking for personal life coaching. If you want to make personal changes including; overcoming fears, doubts and worries, eliminating negative habits and behaviours, increasing confidence, motivation and self esteem or for improving clarity and life direction then let’s talk. You’ll be coached to get moving in the right direction if you are stuck, or to excel if you are already flourishing and thriving and simply want better results. View more details…

Business Coaching:  Ideal for individuals, teams and organisations. Your programme will focus on what you want to achieve, your desired outcomes and how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be and create. View more details…

Stress Management:  “The WellBeing Formula at Work”. addresses the 3 key aspects of stress MINDSET – STRATEGIES & TACTICS.   Most other stress management solutions simply highlight the causes of stress or look at processes and fail to also deal with how human behaviour and coping mechanisms affect how we experience stress. Includes a full range or company and individual solutions for coping and being resilient. View more details…

Growing Your Business – An essential training course for anyone in business. The training is based upon the NLP approach of “modelling people with exceptional abilities”. You will learn how to master key skills with proven benefits, with modules covering Emotional, Mood & State Management | Effective Persuasion and Influence Skills | Powerfully Persuasive Presentations | Success Strategies & Maximising Potentials. View more details…

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All great relationships start with a meaningful conversation. Let’s talk.