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How Much Is Work Related Stress Costing Your Business?

You can quickly calculate the approximate costs of work related stress for your business by considering these work related stress indicators:



The UK Health & Safety Executive research shows that 45% of all working days lost to ill health are stress related.

Cost to Turnover

Time off sick due to stress has costs to your business in terms of overheads (which have to be covered during absenteeism) and lost profit. These are calculated showing revenue losses after labour costs (due to Absenteeism) have been deducted.


Presenteeism is the damage caused by someone who is enduring excessive stress, still shows up for work, makes bad decisions, has poor judgment and underperforms.

Research by the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) shows that work impaired performance costs business between 2 x to 10 x the cost of Absenteeism. Includes:

  • Damage to equipment and production resulting from accidents and mistakes
  • Reduced performance/productivity
  • Loss of public goodwill
  • Brand damage
  • Low workplace morale
Additional Costs

(Unmeasured in the stress calculator)

Other financial considerations where work place stress has a negative financial impact on business includes:

  • Premature retirement
  • Staff replacement costs
  • Grievance and litigation/compensation costs

Stress Calculator

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